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The Russian SEO and website experiment

19 December, 2009

The is a test project seeking to expand Hurtigruten’s reach into the Russian market without spending large resources on marketing and development.  The site is developed and launched by the Hurtigruten B2X support team. The site was launched in the beginning of December 2009 and has not been promoted anywhere. The site has virtually no traffic and no other sites link to Hurtigruten Russia site.

Russian website for Hurtigruten

The front page of Hurtigruten Russia

The Russian  Experiment

We see from other markets that the search engines generate almost 40% of the traffic to our other websites. By launching a Russian site, we hope to see similar numbers in the Russian market.

During the next few months, we will see how much traffic we can obtain with no significant marketing apart from contacting relevant sites in Russia informing them about our existence.

In the next few months we will also launch additional websites in China, Italy, Japan, Korea and some other countries to test this web expansion strategy. If you find errors or if you have improvement suggestions, please comment below.

If you’re a Hurtigruten enthusiast, please help us by linking to

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