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Brand management – tone of voice, and web.

7 January, 2010

Hurtigruten has a brand policy and guidelines for how the brand is presented. All official Hurtigruten material must abide by the Hurtigruten brand guidelines (restricted access. If you’d like access please contact us). This includes the traditional marketing material, stationary, catalogs,  websites, images, e-mail marketing messages, Facebook, Twitter pages and all other places where we create official Hurtigruten content.

The tone of voice in all blog posts, twitter feeds etc must be in line with the brand guidelines. What does it mean? What is the tone of voice Hurtigruten want in the customer contact. First, the language should be without to much adverbs and adjectives, but without being total free of feeling. It should be marine language (starboard and hull) but not alienating to our passengers. Emphasize what Jonathan from National Geographic called “part of Norwegian culture”.  We want to portray our diversity and our artic herritage. And the fact that we have been here for more than a century and tourism have been an integral part of our business from the latter påart of the 19th century.

Why bother with brand consistency?

Brand consistency has one massive advantage – recognition. With recognition comes familiarity. With familiarity comes trust and confidence. Also, if done correctly, consistency brings clarity and purpose which consumers buy into. They can become loyal. Read more about brand consistency

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