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Report wish-list

27 January, 2010

One inevitable result from making reports from an area is that the wish for reporting and the detail of the reports grow. And it grows fast!

Steven Macdonald has made a  manual report of bookings the last couple of weeks for the Nordic and the UK B2C markets. (It will not be published here). This report gives us a great starting point in what we would like to see in future reports. Some of the features are currently not available in Proclarity, the Data Warehouse reporting platform.

There are several different reports we need, some from Google Analytics and Adwords accounts,  some from the booking engine and some reports witch sums up data from several sources.
I would like people to sketch their report wishes with dummy data, and send the report ideas to me. That way I can plan for what we want in future reports.
Currently the automatic reports will have these features: (one pr market)

  1. Web visits (all, or unique?) last period, change from same period last year.
  2. Web  page views pr visit, with change from same period last year.
  3. Time on site
  4. Goals (predefined): as % of visits. (multiple goals, start booking, finish booking, newsletter sign up, “ships now”, what ship from harbour,  forms, etc)
  5. Bookings: Last period # of B2C bookings with revenue, change from last year, average revenue pr booking, RT-PP distribution, Cruise-nights pr booking, extras pr booking,

I would like the weekly report and the monthly report to be a one page report, with the same content to make it easy for those who read it to understand it. There might be a second page with explanations and notes, but to be as readable and to the point as possible it should be possible to understand and browse it in a matter of seconds, not minutes.

Make your dream report and send it to me, and I will buy you a refreshment the next time we meet, if we use it, or parts of it in our final reports.

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