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New functionality – information box on front pages.

16 April, 2010

The airspace over Northern-Europe is mostly closed after the eruption of a icy vulcano in Iceland. This has had a heavy impact on Hurtigruten with guests stranded in Norway and guests not able to reach Norway to board our ships. To inform our guests we have had to use the news pages in the solution, but previously we  have had no place on the front page to lead passengers directly to this information.

This became obvious today when the preassure increased and we needed to find a solution. Most airline websites have a box in the top of their sites with updated links to information. I thought that was a good solution and quickly draw a sketch of what I wanted to Andrzej in Making Waves. He started programming this and after one hour we were able to launch this on our frontpage

The functionality is found under dynamic properties in the solution and the tab emergency. There is a box for each language (site) where you can write a short heading, and then link to the apropriate page in the structure. Remember linking as it is not directly updated. If you tick the box on the left all pages will inherit this functionality, if not the message will only be visible on the page you have edited the dynamic properties on. The dynamic properties of each page can be found in the top menu.

On the norwegian site we will update a sheet for the passengers with the availability on ships who have left Bergen or Kirkenes.

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