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Booking engine update May 2010

28 May, 2010

Todays you’ll see several improvements to the Hurtigruten online booking engines. Here’s a quick overview of the improvements.

Free cars & kids online

Unfortunately kids and cars do not always travel for free! But Hurtigruten sometimes runs marketing campaigns where we include free cars or “Kids travel for free”. Previously you had to call us to book these offers. Now it’s possible to book these special offers in our online booking engines.

Book tickets close to departure

Historically a lot of people have booked trips directly with the ships when they are traveling in a few days. This is partially due to booking habits, but also related to the fact that our online booking engines could not previously take bookings when the ships have left Bergen. In the new release it is possible to book many of our most popular routes in the online booking engine on our websites. The customer will make their reservation and pay online and the booking will be handled directly on the ship. This allows for more effective handling on board and more convenience for our passengers. As we move forward, we will increase the number of routes where booking close to departure is available.

Chat functionality and change requests.

During the next weeks, we will introduce a new chat functionality to support our booking engines. This means that agents will be able to contact our Reservation center directly from our online booking solution. You will be able to make a booking and initiate a chat session if you need to make changes to a booking. When you use the chat function, please have your reference number and e-mail address ready. The chat function will be rolled out in selected markets in order to test the new service. To use the new chat service, you can click on the chat icon that will appear in the upper right hand corner next to the “Help” link. (Please note that the new functionality will not be available to all users until it has been thoroughly tested by our beta test group)

Minor enhancements and upgrades:

  • To make it easier for new agents to contact us, we have improved the welcome page of our Agent solution. Existing agents can still log in as before.
  • The main booking page has been cleaned up and made more compact to make it easier for agents to use the system.
  • To keep you informed about the new features, we have introduced a new “information box” towards the top of the booking solution.
  • To make it more obvious how to proceed in the booking, we changed the color of the buttons to green (as in green light – proceed)
  • To make it quicker for agents to book, we added a “Continue booking” button” at the top of the Excursion page. Now you don’t have to scroll to the bottom to continue.
  • To avoid misunderstandings regarding the “honour” option, we added an info box that clearly explains the requirement for this option.
  • To make it easier for agents, we now include the booking reference in the subject line of the booking confirmation e-mail
  • To improve our service to agent, you will now see the number of cabins and car space available(0,1,2,3+)
  • It is now possible to book cars space on our North and South Voyages (Bergen-Kirkenes and Kirkenes-Bergen)

Here’s the powerpoint that describes the updates

6 Comments leave one →
  1. hans permalink
    29 May, 2010 13:17

    I was under the impression that effective “load balancing” was also part of this release and therefore assure improved speed.?

  2. Kari permalink
    30 May, 2010 18:05

    Good work! Looking forward to the next step!



  3. 30 May, 2010 19:25

    FUNN IT is working on moving forward with Load balancing and better caching. When this is in place, we will see improved speed.

    Thanks. I’m looking forward to the next step too:)

  4. Kristina Sundqvist permalink
    30 May, 2010 23:52

    First day after release we had several positive comments from agents. They definately payed attention to the changes. Good work, keep going on. Still some wishes to be forfilled. Good job! Thanks for giving the salesteams a good tool to make good sales.

  5. 2 June, 2010 16:26

    I had 2 agencies today saying – “Perfect with chat”- good improvement, good service. Good to hear ??

  6. Kari permalink
    25 June, 2010 09:58

    Step by step we are getting there. GOOD WORK!

    Text from the powerpoint presentation;
    “The green box explains to the customer what the situation is when no cabins are available. Instead of blank price, it says 0. In the future, we should inform the customer that the ship is full and present a low-fare calendar which information about alternate dates”

    Good and important solution with alternative dates. When will this be implemented?


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