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Booking engine update June 2010

25 June, 2010

Hurtigruten has a booking solution for our end customers(B2C) and a more feature rich booking version for our agency partners(B2B).

Every month we try to introduce improvements and new features in our booking engines that will make it easier for customers and partners to do business with us.

Last week we released a new version.

Here’s a quick summary of the changes.

During the last few weeks, we’ve focused on making improvements to the graphical user interface(GUI). Examples of these type of improvements are:

  • Change texts to make it easier to understand what to do in the booking process
  • Remove uneccessary steps/questions in the booking process to make it quicker to book
  • Include more details in the “My voyage” section to give customers a clear overview of selected items
  • On the payment pages, we now display a Thawte security icon (the solution has alway been secure, but now customers can see the safety symbol)

You can see a summary of these changes in this powerpoint  document (please note that these are draft notes and not official documents)

In addition to the GUI improvements, we have introduced some new functionality.

  • In our B2C solution it is now possible to book cars close to departure on certain selections.
  • In our B2B solution, we now present more accurate availability information for port-to-port travel
  • In both solutions, we now send out more accurate status information about bookings
  • In both solutions, we now recommend users to upgrade to newer internet browser if they are using Internet Explorer 6. (Read more about this.)
  • In both solutions, customers can now book 2 or more cars

We have also made several technical changes in preparation for a change in system architecture in regards to campaign handling. During the next few months we will also implement load balancing and improved caching to make the booking engines quicker.

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  1. 25 June, 2010 11:14

    Step by step we are getting there. GOOD WORK!

    Text from the powerpoint presentation;
    “The green box explains to the customer what the situation is when no cabins are available. Instead of blank price, it says 0. In the future, we should inform the customer that the ship is full and present a low-fare calendar which information about alternate dates”

    Good and important solution with alternative dates. When will this be implemented?


  2. 25 June, 2010 11:39

    In order to get the low fare calendar up and running, we need load balancing and improved caching in place. If we launch a low fare calendar with the current set up, it will take several minutes to show the alternate dates. That is not acceptable.

    We follow the scrum process: so in theory it can take less than 5 weeks from a request is made to it’s implemented and launched. Some feature reqests are dependent on other more complex functionality. In these cases, we need to wait for these before we can launch something.

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