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Sharing Knowledge in the Hurtigruten web team

22 August, 2010

I recently created a development plan for part of my team in order for them to develop new skills. The plan was presented to them in a meeting which was voluntary and was introduced via an email. The idea was that in a team where we handle several tasks, that we share our knowledge in order to improve our web efforts.

Don’t just mind your own business

The team is split into two areas – One area is responsible for web updates on several websites and the testing of our booking solution. The second area handles all online bookings and makes sure that bookings are quality checked and that all documents are handled within 24 hours. While both teams are located in the same office space, like most organizations we rarely transcend in new areas as we focus on our own tasks, as that in the end is what we get paid for – to do our job.

Move beyond your boundries

What I wanted to do was offer the opportunity to the team that we have these tasks and if they are interested, I would train them. What they would need to do is invest time to learn. Some of the requirements I have asked are the following;

People succeed if they love what they do

Whilst working at my previous company I was assigned the task of monitoring our web traffic and SEO. These tasks were given to me as I was the Content Manager and it seemed “right” to hand them over to me. The problem was, I had no experience with either. I was not given any training and when results were demanded, I could not succeed. In the end, I severely disliked Google Analytics and SEO.

Now, I love both, but what has changed? It was not expected of me and I took an interest in both and am passionate about content and web analysis. Hurtigruten will one day need people to work with both SEO and web analytics, and what better way to assign these tasks than to give them to people who are interested? That is my goal. That when my team is given tasks, I can assign them to people who are interested and enjoy the task at hand, otherwise they might be set up to fail, like I was.

Out of the 6 that attended the presentation, all 6 are now looking into new areas and when they leave their position as web booking specialists, not only will they leave with experience in processing online sales, but also with newly required skills such as content management, email & online marketing and web analysis and SEO.

We tend to think that if we share our knowledge of what we do, we can be replaced and therefore become selfish and secretive about our tasks, which is not the case. Knowledge is power, so let’s share it.

Watch the video below to learn more about what really motivates people

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  1. hans permalink
    23 August, 2010 03:33

    Certainly agreeing that sharing of knowledge is essential to making progress. As we are only as strong as the weakest link, we are required to strengthen all, particularly in an area where we are striving to make fast progress and have fabulous opportunities to excel. As you know I am following your team’s progress with great interest and am convinced that this is a vital part of our company’s future success. How do you bring an intangible experience closest to the customer and have this interest and desire change into a preference, a booking and then follow up communication on how well worth the intended investment will be? I will take your advice to read up and am committed now to the Ad Words exam. Thanks for sharing! We cannot do it without you.

  2. 23 August, 2010 09:03

    Very inspiring post. I think alot of value is created when people take initiative and do more than what is expected of them. This does not necessarily mean working more hours. An organization’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage. You’re spot on with this!

    How will you measure progress of the team? How will you keep Hans on track to the Adwords exam?;)

  3. Robert permalink*
    23 August, 2010 11:49

    Great post! Get out, beyond the comfort zone, then the work-day will be so much more fun. And Hurtigruten will be better of when people are thriving to learn and use their new found knowledge in their daily work.


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