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Planned system downtime this weekend (Oct.29-Oct.31)

28 October, 2010

Beginning at 19:00 CET Friday October 29th, we will be performing software maintenance on HUBRO. We expect the resulting downtime to last until 23:00 CET Sunday October 31st at most. During this period all Hurtigruten booking systems will be down.

Why this down time?

The system developers are cleaning up old seasons in HUBRO, our inventory system. Since a critical system like HUBRO will be down, Polar Global and B2X must be stopped as well. This is the only planned down time that will occur this year and it will improve HUBRO performance in the future. It is better to do a controlled clean-up than to risk unexpected system problems in the near future.

Who will be affected?

Everybody involved with bookings will be affected.

Phone agents: Since HUBRO is down, Polar Global will be stopped. During the HUBRO down time, Polar Global will not function.

Travel agents: Since HUBRO is down, the online B2B solution will not function. Agents should be notified about the planned down time in advance so they have time to plan accordingly. Most agents will be OK with the down time if they receive timely and accurate information.

Internet users: Since HUBRO is down, the online B2C solution will not function. The websites will work, but we must inform users that our booking systems are down for maintenance. Most users will understand and come back later.

Employees: Since all booking systems will be down, there may be some questions from passengers.

Action required (deadline: Wednesday Oct. 27, 2010):

Simen Fangel: Inform all affected agents about the down time via phone,  e-mail and/or in person. A message should also be posted in the B2B solution.

Angel Moledo: Inform all teams at the CRC about the down time and plan accordingly.

Robert Isaksen: Inform all website visitors about the planned down time in advance, so that people can plan accordingly

Ragnar Norum: Inform all Hurtigruten employees via the intranet.

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  1. AllanS permalink
    29 October, 2010 09:19

    Do we have the Hubro down time text ready for different markets/languages?

  2. 29 October, 2010 09:54

    I have translated to Swedish and Norwegian. The local web managers can translate to their own languages. If no translation exists, we can publish information in English.

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