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The devil is in the details (or bits)

22 November, 2010

All of us working with the web get these questions all the time, and valid as they are, we can’t dismiss them.

When you talk about CSS, do you mean font size?

And similar questions,

Where in the machine is YouTube-videos saved?

You’ve had them and many more of them. To explain something so intangible as how the web works can be a very hard. Because it’s not forthright, it’s not good to do explanations. When you start your engine on your car, you could use at least tree of your senses to verify that it has started. You can look at the rev meeter, you can probably hear it and (for older cars feel it). The internet is limited to audible and visible stimulation. Humans does not like to trust only one of their senses. They need proof. So when you say:

The internet is based on communication protocols called TCP/IP

many get that empty expression in their faces.

Now here’s a good help. The team behind Google Chrome have made an easy, down to earth explanation to most of the things that could explain a lot of these basics. Use the link when people are asking you questions you find easy as starting the car, but they see something¬†completely different.

(Thanks’s to

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