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Booking engine update March 2011

24 March, 2011

Today we will release several new improvements to our agent booking solution and consumer booking solution.

The focus for this new release is to automate the manual workload to reduce costs.

Here is an overview of the release:

  • Self service credit card payment allowing customers to pay off their voyage balance
  • Filtered excursions giving users the option to select excursions per person
  • Print ticket option allowing travel agencies to print tickets for confirmed bookings direct from B2B (thanks to Jahn Raudajoki)
  • Free text article Search and new home page in Agentweb in B2B
  • The launch of the Summer Special online in B2C Germany
  • Language updates in French/German B2C based on local office feedback
  • Updates in English B2C based on usability testing feedback (full report will be presented on the blog later)

During the next four weeks our attention will move towards stabilizing the system before the development is put on hold for the summer.

Feel free to contact me ( or leave your comments and suggestions below.

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  1. 24 March, 2011 16:17

    Excellent release notes

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