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Good service is the new sales and marketing

13 October, 2011

Great service is priceless. For another human being to go out of their way to make me feel special is something you cannot buy. When was the last time you felt like you were treated in a special way?

For me, it was when I checked into Radisson Blu in Riga, Latvia and they gave me a free upgrade to a business class suite. That was good service, and I haven’t stopped talking about this since.How much did it cost Radisson to provide me with this upgrade? Very little, but my friends have heard nothing but good reviews about the hotel chain and I highly recommend they stay there.

In comparison, the restaurant located on the first floor of the office building I work at is renowned for slow service. Sure, the food is good but when on a lunch break, I want food served quickly. In fact, the service is more important than the food itself. The service has forced me to eat at an alternative.

A recent RightNow survey found that “85% of consumers say they would pay up to 25% more to ensure a superior customer experience”.

Would you pay an extra $2 if the next time you tried on a T-Shirt, the store clerk gave you advice on how to wear it and in what size, or what colour suits you better? Or what if you paid an additional $1 when calling a customer service line if it meant you could reach a cheerful, qualified customer service agent directly and not have to wait in the queue? I know I would.

Over the past 20 years, companies have lost focus on delivering good customer service and instead, focused on other areas such as product or marketing. Zappo’s company goal is to deliver excellent customer service and in 2010, they sold more than $1 billion in revenue.

You can have the best product in the market or the best marketing campaign in the world but if your service is poor then you don’t stand a chance.

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