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Booking engine update October 2011

19 October, 2011

Having had few developments made during the summer period due to the server move, today we will perform two releases into the booking solution with versions 2.7.6 and version 2.7.7. The focus of the improvements is to reduce the number of errors handled in CRC and improved text and content in both our agency booking solution and consumer booking solution.

Fixes set for 2.7.6 are as follows:

  • Removal of American Express card payment in B2C France
  • Improved B2C France content in XML file
  • Improved error messaging and texts in B2C UK/US/ROW
  • Removal of no price option presented when choosing packages in B2C
  • Server Error in ‘/’ application found in B2C DE
  • Errors in 0 NOK pricing when selecting MS Lofoten and 1 person
  • Removal of infant option in Antarctica tours
  • “View All” on excursions page to avoid reviewing multiple pages

Fixes set for 2.7.7 are as follows; 

  • Removal of bookings canceled when a user clicks the “back” button
  • It is no longer possible to cancel a booking when payment has been made
  • Improved text and grammar for B2B
  • Corrected CHD prices for 2012
  • B2B reporting list allowing reports to be pulled based on agencies logged in to B2B
  • Improved text to DE travel searchbox
  • Improved error message when ship is full to contact CRC for available sailings
  • Clicktale implementation in B2C and B2B

The next release will take place in November as we look to remove any outstanding bugs and errors that are handled in CRC. Many of the improvements between now and February 2012 will be focusing on improvements required from the upgrade to our back end systems.

Feel free to leave your comments and suggestions below.


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