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Increase conversion rates immediately with personalized real time remarketing

17 November, 2011

Forrester Research found that remarketing emails can generate nearly 4 times more revenue and 18 times greater net profits compared with marketing using simply untargeted mailings.

Remarketing to web visitors that abandon your shopping carts is perhaps the highest ROI marketing activity the online marketing and E-commerce teams can undertake. Abandoners are visitors that almost purchased from you so it’s no surprise that immediate and personalized emails are highly effective.

90% of E-Commerce leads go cold within an hour

Abandonment Reasons

7 out of every 10 customers abandon their online purchases, resulting in over 300 billion dollars of lost E-Commerce sales each year. The top 5 reasons for abandoning  are split between price and timing. If a visitor leaves the shopping cart and does not return within the first hour, then the probability of them returning to complete the sale is reduced by 90%.

 Only 26% of E-Commerce sites remarket

Remarketing ensures prospective customers keep both the product they were interested in and the brand at the front of mind while they decide on the purchase. Analysis based on more than 160 million transactions found that the average time between first visit and first purchase was 33 hours and 54 minutes.

First Follow up  – ImmediateUsing a customer service tone – the key message within the first email is to ask if there was a technical problem encountered during the shopping process and to provide support.

Second Follow up – 23 hoursThe second follow up is to help reaassure the customer – Whether this be through product reviews or reasons to purchase your product (your USP’s). The same quick links and product images as the first message should be inserted. Keep the message focused on the original abandonment and avoid unecessary details – such as new products or suggested similar products.

Final Follow up – 6 days 23 hours laterIf there has still been no purchase, the final follow up should contain an offer whether it be a discount on the product, free shipping or a trial period (free return).

The more personal and relevant, the more likely the conversion

Based on research from SeeWhy and E-Consultancy, there is a formula to getting the best out of your remarketing campaigns and one key ingredient is personalization.

Many shopping cart recovery emails under perform because they look either like generic promotional emails or automated messages.


Remarketing emails should be relevant  1-to-1 marketing.  Each campaign should be personalized with the customers first name, product type (for what was viewed only minutes prior to receiving the email) and connect with the emotion of a purchase. In addition, the signature should be from a real person with correct contact details.

Starting at the top of the funnel – Capture email early

Remarketing is not just limited to your E-commerce platform and one important remarketing activity is to capture the email address before the booking process begins. The best place to start is your home page, which then gives you licence to send your triggered emails. By ensuring your email sign up field is above the fold, you will make it easier to capture the email address and increase your CRM database. Offering incentives to sign up is also a great tactic such as free e-booklet or as Woman Within does, by offering a free shipping discount code for the first purchase.

Woman Within

Getting started – 5 Trigger emails you can send out today

Before you begin with advanced real time remarketing, there are some basics you launch with to get started and improve your triggered email approach. Although the results will not be as immediate and sales oriented as with shopping cart abandonment email campaigns, it will set the tone with your customers and present a more communicated interaction process.

5 Trigger emails to get you started

  • Booking & payment confirmation
  • Thank you for signing up (newsletter, brochure, webinar)
  • Practical information before your visit (maps, e-Booklets, check-in information)
  • Thank you for visiting/ attending
  • Review your experience (customer reviews)

Shopping cart abandonment emails represent a significant opportunity for online retailers. For best in class campaigns, each email sent will probably be your most profitable campaign, generating up to 100 times the return that you would expect from a regular email campaign.

The value is plain to see; it’s cost effective, added customer service and is proven to increase conversion rates. The only question is, by how much?


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