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Learning points from leading Facebook-pages

21 May, 2012

Facebook went public last week and there is alot of hype around the social utility company. At the same time companies are discovering how they can use Facebook to engage customers and increase sales!

Alot of people see Facebook as an ad free service where you can communicate with friends and family! Going forward, Facebook needs to find a balance between being a useful service to users and to make money for investors. Google has managed to do this. It remains to see if Facebook can do the same!

Background: The Norwegian case

The Retail chain Enklere Liv has during the last eight months acquired more than 100,000 fans on Facebook. In September 2011, they had approx. 1700 fans and in May 2012 they passed 100,000 fans combined in Norway and Sweden . This places Enklere Liv on the top 25 list of brands on Facebook in Norway .

When you have 100,000 fans, you quickly discover that Facebook is becoming a key marketing channel. Each post on Facebook means sales. Small adjustments can have an enormous impact on response rates. The experience with the retail chain made me interested in learning more about what companies should post on Facebook to engage fans!

Research & Conclusions

To avoid having to reinvent the wheel, I found research on the topic. Momentus Media has studied the 20,000 leading Facebook pages. Here is a summary of their “discoveries”

  1. When should you publish on Facebook?
    Short answer: Weekends and off-peak times provide the highest engagement rates
  2. How often should you publish on Facebook?
    Short answer: Publish as often as you want! (According to Facebook, each status update is only seen by approx. 16% of your fans).
  3. What kind of content engages the most?
    Short answer: Pictures engage most.
  4. Should I actively ask fans to do something (like, comment, share)?
    Short answer: YES! Asking people to like a post increases the engagement level by 216%
  5. Should I ask questions to my fans?
    Short answer: Questions do not increase the engagement levels, but it increases the number of comments.
  6. How long should my status updates be?
    Short answer: Long messages generate more engagement than short status updates.
  7. How long does  a status update last in Facebook feed?
    Short answer: 50% of clicks occur within 1 hour. 90% occurs within nine hours

Click “like” below and tell us your best tips regarding status updates on Facebook?


This is a guest post by Karl Philip Lund. KP works with Enklere Liv.

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