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Booking engine update June 2012

22 June, 2012

On Thursday 21st June, we released a new version of our agent booking solution (B2B) and our consumer booking solution (B2C). The focus for the release was to improve the online experience for our travel partners by making it easy to book as well the launch of our European Explorer packages.

Fixes set for the release (B2X version 3.3) include:

  • Launch of European Explorer cruises 2013/14
  • 1893 Amabassador discount and integration
  • Last minute booking webform for bookings within three days of sailing
  • Optimized booking solution for mobile and tablet users
  • Special request & notes fields added for additional requests
  • Preferred contact method can be selected between phone, email or mail
  • Print ticket functionality for 2013 sailings available in B2B
  • Big fix to payment issues in ‘Opera’ browser
  • And a total of 63 bug fixes for inclusive tours, find booking functionality and cabin selections
The next release is scheduled for the end of June (less than one week away) and new features are to include arrival/ departure packages, advanced Google Analytics tracking and a modify booking functionality for B2B users.

How do you feel we are progressing with our development? Is there anything that we should prioritize and implement before the summer?
 Share your suggestions in the comments below
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  1. 25 June, 2012 17:36

    Looks Good:)

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