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Web team

Mélanie Petrilli is the Marketing Manager at Hurtigruten France. She is responsible for all marketing and web activities and works in Paris.
Lone Helle is Web Editor for Hurtigruten Global. She will work globally but have a special focus on the Nordic sites and works out of Tromsø. You  contact with Lone via Facebook, Twitter  or Linkedin.

Steven Macdonald was the E-Commerce manager at Hurtigruten and the key driver in online sales. You can find Steven on LinkedinFacebook, and on the Hurtigruten Twitter-account.

Hurtigruten-alumniSarah Haynes was the UK web manager at Hurtigruten. She was responsible for Hurtigurten UK and worked out of London. .
Jennifer Rosen Hurtigruten-alumniJennifer Rosen was the US Marketing manager at Hurtigruten from 2008-2011. She was responsible for overall marketing and web development for the Hurtigruten US website. She was also the key driver behind Hurtigruten Academy. Jennifer works out of New York and you can contact Jennifer on Linkedin
Per-Erik Skramstad Hurtigruten-alumniPer-Erik Skramstad is an allrounder and a doer with a special eye on content, site building, contact with developers and international web editors, image updating, videos, quality assurance and SEO. Skramstad is a team builder and a passionate Wagnerian.  He is on LinkedIn, on Facebook, on YouTube and Twitter here (Norwegian) and here (English; opera).
Robert Isaksen Hurtigruten-alumniRobert Isaksen is the Global web manager at Hurtigruten. He is responsible for coordinating our global web efforts and works out of the beautiful city of Tromsø. He is responsible for the websites and overall progress. You can find Robert on Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook.
Hurtigruten-alumniKristina Sundqvist is responsible for all web activities for Hurtigruten in Sweden. She works out of Karlstad, Sweden, but is on the road alot to visit our many travel agency partners. Kristina is responsible for driving traffic and improving the Swedish website. During 2009-2011, the Swedish website has been amongst the fastest growing websites in the Hurtigruten website family.  See an interview with Kristina
Hurtigruten-alumniNicole Simon is online marketing manager for Hurtigruten Germany. She is responsible for German website and works out of Hamburg. You can get in contact with Nicole via Facebook, Xing and HurtigrutenDE Twitter account.
Karl Philip Lund Hurtigruten-alumniKarl Philip Lund works with the booking engines, online marketing and web analytics at Hurtigruten. You can find KP on Linkedin, Facebook and on Twitter(Norwegian only)
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